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Investments- The stock/bond markets,
investment vehicles, best alternatives given
your risk profile and age/life status.   

Retirement Planning- best ways to save for
retirement including 401K plans, Roth IRA,
determining how much to save.

Mortgages- how to find the best mortgage for
you. How much you can afford, types of
mortgages, features of different mortgage
products, traps to avoid.

Budgeting- understand where your money is
going. Knowledge is power - to maximize your
financial power you must know your financial
condition. Once you understand it you can
change it to maximize your financial power.

Insurance- determining how much insurance
you need, types and features of insurance
products, how to find the best cost/benefit
policies for you.

Real Estate- understanding the market,
determining what you can afford, judging your
needs and making the best long term
decisions for you.

Banking- the best accounts for you, the highest
interest rates, how to evaluate CD's and get
the best loans.

Taxes- how to prepare during the year to avoid
taxes on April 15th. Gain knowledge of
techniques to lower your tax liability.  

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Privacy Policy
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    (Dec 9 , 2012)  
    Priceline buys Kayak for $1.8 Billion. Was it
    Worth it? What Does the Future Hold for
    Priceline and the rest of the online travel

    Priceline made a splash last month with its purchase of
    Kayak software. They paid $1.8 billion for the company in
    stock and cash, which represented a significant
    purchase premium of $250 million (16%)  over its recent
    market price/capitalization. In this article we’ll take a look
    at why they made the purchase and its significance to
    them and the overall online travel industry.    

    The online travel industry is an extremely large yet highly
    diverse and fragmented industry. Total Online travel
    sales are expected to reach $116 billion in 2012.
    Priceline’s revenue is expected to be over $3.4 billion
    this year. The Kayak purchase is expected to be
    completed in early 2013. They can then add Kayak’s
    topline revenue of $225 million to their income statement.
    They are still a small part of this huge industry, despite
    their high profile. Kayak has achieved revenue of just
    under $10 million in 2011, so their income contribution
    relative to Priceline’s net income of over $1 billion is
    negligible in the short run.

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    The Facebook IPO Stock Price Decline
    and its Aftermath. What Happened and

    Is the Facebook stock price decline after the IPO
    an indication of a problem? Or are price increases
    or declines after an IPO random and just part of the
    IPO risks an investor takes? We’ll take a look here.

    On May 21st, the second day after stock issuance,
    Facebook's shares nose-dived. With this have come
    complaints by investors underwriters – that they were led
    to the trough of false expectations. Is this in large part
    just the disappointment in a random negative outcome?
    Some of these investors are used to the immediate
    normal positive bias outcome for most IPOs. Is it just sour
    grapes here, or was there really any difference between
    the Facebook deal and others?

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    The State of the Venture Capital Market in
    2013.  Current Trends and Implications for
    the future.

    What has been funded recently and what will be in 2013
    and beyond?

    The Venture Capital market has always grown in fits and
    starts. Although the modern venture capital funding
    market started in a meaningful way in the 1960’s, it didn’t
    truly blossom until the mid 1980’s. It was then that
    technology investment started to grow immensely. The
    next tidal shift occurred in the mid 90’s through 2000.
    This was generated by outsized investments in the
    Internet, Telecom and technology industries. The
    venture market grew to its highest money inflow levels
    ever, reaching its peak level of money raised in 2000 of
    almost $100 billion, eclipsing by many times its level over
    the previous decades, even adjusted for inflation.

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