How to Buy a Car while not falling for sales and
financing tricks at the dealership.     

Getting a new car can be a lot of fun. However, the
process of buying a car can be unenjoyable to say the
least. It can be plagued with obstacles. There are a
number of things to consider. Here we’ll concentrate
on some financial aspects of the process and some
obstacles/tricks to be wary of.  

What would it take for me to put you in a new car
today? That is the oft-repeated classic line of the car
salesman who is willing to do anything to sell you a
car.  This could have a positive connotation if there
are truly issues that the salesman or dealership
resolve that allow you to buy the car you want at a fair
price.  More often it is a joke symbolizing their
willingness to tell you anything to get you to sign on the
dotted line. Let’s take look at a few tricks that have
been used in the past.

Take a look at the auto ad section of any newspaper.
A brief review of the same model at different
dealerships will show very different prices for
seemingly the same car. One dealerships price
seems very low, and it is. It is intended to bring in foot
traffic. How many ways can the number quoted not be
true? Well, first, you may see a model number next to
the car in the ad. So, you’ll learn later, that price only
applied to that one car or small group of cars, and,
surprise, surprise, there are none left. However they
will discuss what they do have, all the while steering
the conversation away from the price. Their goal was
to bring you in to the store, and they have
accomplished that – and you wind up giving your
business to a business that offers no advantage to

Or, the car does exist at that price, but they have been
deliberately vague about what package of options that
price includes. We’ll call this, the “does not include”
game. So the price may exist for a car. But this is a
car stripped of essential features such as a radio, air
conditioning or other features that anybody might
require. Then you’ll start talking about exactly what you
do want, and of course, it will be significantly more,
thank you very much. Once again, the purpose of the
low price was just to gain dealership foot traffic.

The flip side to this dishonest policy is the “add-on”
game.  Let’s say you’ve agreed to the model car and
features package, and have even agreed on a price.
At least you think you’ve agreed on the price. After
sitting down to finalize the transaction, you’re shown
an invoice with a long list of attributes/items, and a
final total. You do a double take because the total is
thousands higher than what you had previously
discussed. You might have expected the previous
quote did not include taxes or title fees. Even for this,
you should have previously clarified whether those
taxes and fees were included. Outside of that, you
know you’ve been played if you unexpectedly see
many additional items. You may see the infamous
extended warranty charge, key charge, floor mat
charge, transportation fee, delivery fee, administrative
fee, etc. You should ask that all of these are removed.
It should be a condition of sale or you should walk

In these cases, the extra fees are only brought up after
you are well into the process.  At a certain point, both
the dealer and you have something invested in the
sales process and the negotiations. The dealer knows
this, so they spring the unexpected fees on you when
everything else is in place, at the last moment, when
you are most likely to say, “ok, just do it”.  Then they
win and you lose.  Realize that they do have just as
much invested in the process, and that you can just as
easily turn the tables by threatening to walk away if the
terms aren’t changed back to what was reasonably
expected.  The power to walk away is always your
strongest card in any negotiating situation. But
especially so when you are deep into the sales
/negotiation process.
Sales Tricks to Avoid Part Two
is here.

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Buying a Car – Don’t Fall for these Sales
and Financing Tricks. Part One.
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