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Do you have a financial issue or project you need help with?
We can help. In addition to the many advice sections and
articles available here at, we are
available for direct consultation at reasonable rates. The
initial consultation is free. If you have a financial issue facing
you feel free to drop us a line. We can discuss what our next
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Examples of what we can do for you are:

Business Advisory

a)   Business Plan creation
b)   Financing acquisition
c)   Financial Analysis
d)   Operations analysis
e)   Savings and Investments plans
f)    Investments

Consumer Advisory

1)  Advice concerning the acquisition of financial products/
a)  mortgage loans: purchase, refinance, 2nd mortgages        
b)  credit consolidation
c)  other credit: credit cards, auto loans
d)  business loans

2)  Financial Management Advisory:
a)  creating an investment plan
b)  analysis of investment and savings needs
c)  setting up budget/financial plan
d)  evaluating Investment funds/ financial advisors / brokers

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