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I'm Sean Greene, founder of I'm a
financial professional with extensive
experience helping businesses and
individuals meet their financial

I've consulted with businesses to
analyze their markets, create
business plans, find financing
and solve their strategic and
operational problems.

I have an MBA in finance and am located in the NYC
metropolitan area.

To contact me simply fill out the form to the left and press
the Submit button. Thanks.

See Resume.

Do you have a financial issue or project with
which you need help? In addition to the many
advice sections and articles available here at, we are available for
direct consultation at reasonable rates. The initial
consultation is free. If you have a financial issue
facing you feel free to drop us a line. We can
discuss what your next course of action should
be. You can make an inquiry with the form to the
right or call

Examples of what we can do for you are:

1) Business Advisory

a)   Business Plan creation
b)   Financing acquisition
c)   Financial Analysis
d)   Operations analysis
e)   Savings and Investments plans
f)    Investments

2) Consumer Advisory

a)  Advice concerning the acquisition of financial   
products/ services:
b)  mortgage loans: purchase, refinance, 2nd        
c)  credit consolidation
d)  other credit: credit cards, auto loans
e)  business loans

3)  Financial Management Advisory:

a)  creating an investment plan
b)  analysis of investment and savings needs
c)  setting up budget/financial plan
d)  evaluating Investment funds/ financial advisors
/ brokers

Ready to Get Help? Call 646-808-6861. Or fill in
your contact information above with a brief
description of your financial issue. We will contact
you within 24 hours  to discuss what we can do.
All initial consultations are free of charge.